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Oualities of VuPlex

  • VuPlex effortlessly removes stains that other cleaners won’t touch, by applying a micro-thin layer of protectant, sealing the porous surface.
  • The polished finish makes the plastic resistant to debris, oil, scratches and yellowing. It also makes fine scratches less visible.
  • Water and other contaminates are repelled from the surface giving added protection. The residual film is also safe on food preparation surfaces.
  • The anti-static properties help to repel dust and abrasive materials.
  • VuPlex is food safe and can be used in kitchens as well as many other places around the home like on almost all plastics, outdoor PVC blinds, stainless steel appliances, granite bench tops, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, and glass/mirrors.

Trying Is Believing ...

VuPlex works on countless plastic products, preventing premature wear while helping them to look their best. VuPlex produces a shiny, cleaner, more lustrous finish with no smears or smudges. It makes colored plastics vibrant, clear plastics virtually transparent and plastic paints gleaming like new.