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Vuplex Plastic Cleaner and Protection

VuPlex cleans, protects and polishes all clear and coloured plastics revolutionarily easy and effortlessly scratch-resistant and antistatic.

VuPlex in the Battle of Sexes

The almost limitless applications of VuPlex plastic cleaner and protection we show you in further videos.

Finally ...

Previously, conventional plastic cleaning products have proven less than satisfactory.

Existing cleaners are often messy, ineffective and/or difficult to use. Many products actually contain chemicals or abrasives that can damage the surface of plastic.

VuPlex: Unique Plastic Cleaner-Polish and Coating.

Primarily designed for aviation, VuPlex gives you an easy, safe and efficient solution to clean and maintain plastics with the less possible effort to apply but perfect finish and protection in a short time.

VuPlex does not contain abrasives, but removes contaminations, covers the surface with a thin protective layer, and leaves a bright and shiny surface on all plastics and most varnishes.

VuPlex applied on new surfaces prevents ageing. On existing surfaces VuPlex leaves a restored and perfectly prevented surface after application. Even micro-scratches will turn invisible – especially acrylic windows of caravans and boats a common problem. Maintained and coated with VuPlex such acrylic windows and lenses are perfectly prevented from scratches

VuPlex - renew your plastic surfaces in three steps – easy and fast. Spray on, polish the surface, done.


In 2019 VuPlex is represented at the Caravan Live fair. For details, go to the news list.

1: removes stains2: resistant to debris3: water-repellent4: anti-static
1: removes stains
2: resistant to debris
3: water-repellent
4: anti-static