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VuPlex Testimonials

On this page we present field reports and testimonials of the application of VuPlex plastic cleaner and protection.

Karl Dehler, Project Manager / Development of Hanse Group, about VuPlex:

Karl Dehler
Source: Hanse Group

VuPlex really convinced me!

My first thought „not again just a new miracle cleaner which does everything“ has not been confirmed. VuPlex works simply different, much faster and more efficient performing then other cleaners I´ve used so far. Much better than I expected!

I have tried VuPlex on my more than 20 years old Dehler Camper carefully on a small spot of an Acrylic window, but then cleaned, polished and maintained all windows and composite parts.

Simply spraying on, polishing, done. All micro scratches, coming from even careful cleaning over all the years, got invisible. New dirt and contamination cannot stick to the surface due to it´s antistatic & repellent property leaving the surfaces as new and avoids micro scratching by cleaning.

VuPlex simply is a persuading product which I strongly recommend.

Regardless to be used on our yachts at Dehler, or on my camper van. I maintain all my acrylic and composite surfaces and parts with VuPlex.

Thorsten Lentz, Country Manager at Cristall by Lunar, about VuPlex:

Test report by Thorsten Lentz,
Cristall by Lunar
Test report about VuPlex (in German) by Thorsten Lentz, Country Manager at Cristall by Lunar


We could convince ourselves several times of the quality, performance, and uniqueness of VuPlex.

All surfaces of our high-quality mobile homes and caravans were treated again with VuPlex after the final cleaning at the fair. The difference is difficult to describe with words, but so much: The cleaning cloths used were dark after cleaning the already "cleaned" vehicles, and the surfaces were not only polished cleaner, but there was almost no dust to be seen on the oblique surfaces. And even more important for us is the fact that cleaning scratches on windows were no longer visible, and new ones did not even come along.

We have now been able to use VuPlex several times, also together with our dealers, and especially the rental vehicles which have been treated with VuPlex, have maintained their cleanliness, appearance of being as good as new, and thus their value preservation by the slightest means even after one season. Windows, bathroom, high-gloss surfaces in the camping vehicle.

We are absolutely convinced. I can recommend VuPlex without restriction to application and maintenance of value.

Sören Hansen, Elvström Sails Danmark, about VuPlex:

Sören Hansen,
Elvström Sails Danmark
Sören Hansen, Elvström Sails Danmark, about VuPlex

I have tested VuPlex on sprayhood screens, and screens on our Elvström Sails as so on hatch and portlight lenses.

Unbelievable impressive results! Highly recommended!